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Keratin Lash Lift

Want to enhance your look but don't want to commit to Lash Extensions just yet? A Keratin Lash Lift will be a great option for you! Giving you darker, stronger, longer and lifted eyelashes that you never knew you had! 

At Fierce Beauty Boutique, high quality products are used to ensure that each client receives the best results. Keratin (a protein used to help strengthen hair and nails) is infused in the solution used to essentially help lashes grow longer and stronger. 

lash lift charlotte nc

Keratin lash lift- $85
Keratin lash lift+tint- $95
Eyelash tinting- $30
Bottom lash tinting- $15

beautiful lash lift
lash lift & tint clt

Please refer to the 'client forms' tab and complete form prior to booking .

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